Friday, March 6, 2009

Carol and Friends

with Vidal Sassoon

with Carroll Baker and Earl Wilson

with Mary Martin

with Lauren Bacall

with Florence Henderson and David Merrick

with Pearl Bailey and Jerry Herman

with Ethel Merman, Ann Miller, and Gavin MacLeod

with Betty White and Lucille Ball

Frankly, we suspect that Carol has no clue who any of these people actually are, but is delighted that someone wants to take her picture.


  1. I'm shocked that this post has no comments!

  2. I think we're all stunned. The Merman-Miller-MacCleod-Channing lineup has left me utterly verklempt.

  3. Donna -- But I knew YOU would!

    Muscato -- Has there ever been a more perfect quartet? And you know Gavin was just aching to try on Carol's wig. Or Ann's.


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