Thursday, June 25, 2009

Charlie's Angel

Farrah Fawcett
February 2, 1947 - June 25, 2009


  1. I heard the news with the ladies who lunch , and it brought tears to my eyes.. Beautiful Angel we adore you.. Now rest..

  2. I was surprised by how sad this news made me. Vive la Icon.

  3. ayem8y - When I heard the news, do you know that you were the first person I thought of?

    brbette - I hope you and the girls toasted her with an Angel's Tit.

    Scooter - It's always sad to lose an icon! I took to my bed for days after Eartha died.

  4. I am very sad over Farrah's passing,she was so brave and strong, may she rest well in Paradise.