Tuesday, June 23, 2009



  1. Connie will forever be Cricket Blake to me. Does anyone out there remember Hawaiian Eye?

    Plus she co-starred with Bobbie Driscoll and Frances Farmer in "Party Crashers", 1958, an odd little film. Frances did her best, having had a lobotomy, and Bobby was strung out on heroin. It was the last film for both. It is also Connie before her nose job. I am the lucky owner of a bootleg DVD copy of this obscure little gem. I treasure it.

  2. Is she in pain of letting go from that tree?

  3. I saw her in some vintage Password episodes a little while back. She was starring on Broadway in the Neil Simon comedy The Star Spangled Girl and was wearing clothes from a boutique she opened herself (and had JUST gotten engaged to Eddie Fisher, showing off the rock he bought her!) Interesting.

  4. She's looking a little constipated.

  5. FlowerBell - I've never seen Party Crashers, but the horrible memories of watching Ms. Farmer's train-wreck appearance on This Is Your Life that same year is forever seared into my brain.

    David Toms - I think she's in pain from looking at the rushes of Two on a Guillotine.

    Poseidon3 - Ooh, I didn't know she ran a boutique! A budding business mogul, even then, decades prior to Forever Spring...

    MJ - You'd be too, if you had Eddie Fisher up your ass.