Sunday, June 28, 2009

It's Sunday!!!

If this were a Sunday in 1962 (as it always is here at SSUWAT), we should like to be Miss Arlene Francis, trading quips and questions with Dorothy Kilgallen, Bennett Cerf, John Charles Daly, and perhaps Tony Randall, Steve Allen, or Martin Gabel. After our second Bloody, we may very well start imagining that we are...


  1. you sure know how to make a girl smile TJB! it seems that this was one of those rare nights when arlene didn't have her custom-made, little slit pockets to tuck her hands into. those pockets may have been in response to all the years of dorothy & her white gloves....?

    i haven't gotten an authentic heart necklace yet, but i do have (new-in-box) arlene francis salad tongs! i know you're positively chartreuse with envy!

  2. What does she have in hair? It looks like she stuck the garnish from her drink at the Tonga Room up in it.

  3. in her hair? might be a drop of gabel gizz.

  4. Arlene Francis salad tongs??? I now know exactly what to put on the top of my holiday wish list this year.

    Gabel gizz...OMG. Hahahahahaha!