Friday, May 28, 2010

A Global Village

New Yorker PAULETTE GODDARD as an Indian/Canadian half-breed in North West Mounted Police (1940)

Czech FLORENCE MARLY in (we think) the Argentinian Western El idolo (1952)

Brooklyn-born, Norweigan-raised SIGRID "The Goddess of the Fjords" GURIE as an Algerian gypsy in Algiers (1938)

British BINNIE BARNES as a Chinese shrew in The Adventures of Marco Polo (1938)

Isn't Hollywood's open-mindedness refreshing?


  1. You know, on the one hand it’s disgusting. On the other I kind of like it when Hollywood turned people into whatever we wanted.

    Two examples, one good and one bad;

    Dorothy Lamour in The Jungle. She made an exotic role appealing.

    Mickey Rooney in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, not so appealing.

    However we are supposed to believe that Liz Taylor as Cleopatra?

  2. "Goddess of the Fjords" no less.

    I think my aunt was called Goddess of the Fords once.

  3. No Donna Reed as Sacajawea? lol

  4. I suppose I should clarify a bit - I'm not overly insulted by this hooty casting, so much as amused by it. ayem8y gives perfect examples of fun vs. appalling "exotic" casting; and, may I add Peter Lorre's Mr. Moto to the "fun" list? Oh, and we featured Donna Reed is Sacajawea a while back!

  5. And the classic, Gale Sondergaard as Mrs. Hammond in "The Letter!"

  6. ooh i love the pics.. esp the last one.. i love the metal pieces in her hair.

  7. ayem8Y: Are you implying that Miss Taylor was NOT believable as Cleopatra? For shame, for shame. I shun you!

  8. Schweigame “Are you implying that Miss Taylor was NOT believable as Cleopatra? For shame, for shame. I shun you!”

    Not exactly. Forgive the blaspheme. My perception of Cleopatra is that she was short, fat, not very attractive and possibly of African native descent.

    So Liz Carter...yes.


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