Saturday, May 15, 2010

Hey, Lainie. You, Lainie.

May 15, 1940


  1. 1. I had no idea Lanie Kazan was a talented singer.
    2. Now I know the inspiration for Tracey Ullman's Linda Granger character.

  2. I saw Lanie Kazan in Funny Girl in Chicago circa 1965. She was fabulous. My favorite Lanie Kazan performance would have to be MY FAVORITE YEAR.

  3. Ahh, yes - as Belle Caroca. Who can forget Lanie's character Belle, in full cleveage, turning to Alan Swan (Peter O'Toole) and saying "So tell me Swany..." and her son Benjamin (Mark Linn Baker) correcting her something to the effect that "he's Alan Swan, not a river..."

  4. velcome to my humble chapeau.

    stu knows, lainie wasn't streisand, but she was an anointed jewess.

  5. I love Lainie. I am stunned that she is already 70 years old. I thought she was younger. I saw her at Catalina Jazz club in L.A. last year. As a singer, she is still overly dramatic and extremely overwrought -- or as I like to say, "fabulous"

  6. She recently had a face job and appeared as Joley Fishers Mom on "Till Death" Fox show.

    Bad news.. but a few weeks later she appeared again and the swelling was down.

    I liked her before so I hope some of the old face comes back.
    Luv Her.