Monday, May 31, 2010

Hello, Fashion Lovers

A reader recently contacted us, and said that we reminded them of the "fashionista" commentator featured in a series of amusing television spots for the Canadian discount chain, Reitman's.

What sayeth thou, loyal friends?


  1. lol...
    there IS a certain resemblance to some of your have to admit the style IS similar..

  2. That said, you have way more savoir faire. The commercials originally were fabulous, however they have declined in quality recently.

    Haute Couture 0, Reitmans 1

    Reitmans 0, TJ 10

  3. Don't you just adore the blogosphere, where "discerning" readers can suggest these ludicrous comparisons and think they can get away with it?
    Let me see now, in that commercial there's a vaguely Asian-looking man with horn-rimmed spectacles and a buttoned up jacket, very amusing as a parody but not by a long shot, not by a mile, anything like the editor of this blog. Has your discerning critic ever actually read a word you've written, or is his comparison based entirely upon an unbridled taste for mockery? Besides which, if TJB took himself all that seriously this would never have been posted.

  4. could you be the love child of both?

    (i imagine the one holding the rubirosa was the top)

  5. My CAPTCHA word says SCORNS, so that's all I'll say. (But I did laugh)

  6. Don't know about any resemblance, but, apart from the really ugly Reitmans clothes, the commercials are funny.

  7. As a Canadian, I've seen these many times but this is the first time I've made the TJB connection.

    He's just not fabulous enough for me to have made a comparison.

  8. As a Canadian I must whole heartily agree with MJ. You are urbane and stylish!

  9. Those vids made me laugh out loud !

    You are way too cool to be compared with anyone. :-) An icon in the fashion world!

  10. I think you should start posting something, maybe once a week, like the blog What is James are quite the dapper dresser!

  11. Oh, you crazy kids flatter me!

    By the way, Jill, that suggestion has been presented to me before, but, honestly - I don't particularly like having my photo taken (really!), and feel especially uncomfortable when there isn't a specific "reason" for it (i.e., being on vacation, at an event or celebration, etc.). Perhaps some reader will volunteer to be my photographer... LOL.


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