Saturday, May 1, 2010

We're Dreamers, Aren't We All?

After a long, long day capping a long, long week at work, we passed out during what was supposed to only be a cat nap, and just awoke from a dream in which Robert Goulet and Zsa Zsa Gabor were duetting on "If Ever I Would Leave You." There's symbolism to be found here, we're sure... we just don't know what it is. Help us, darlings!


  1. Robert has just announced to Zsa Zsa that he is leaving her to have TJB's babies.

    Zsa Zsa bitch slaps him silly but breaks her necklace in the process, scattering gems all over TJB.

    TJB awakes to find he has a pearl necklace.

  2. Robert Goulet was a great singer and a nice guy.
    I had met him several times and we laughed each time.
    I saw him in a Christmas Show with Shirly Jones in 2006. She was fabulous and he was too.


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