Saturday, October 23, 2010

Ciao from Italy

Snapshots from our October vacation.


  1. Fantastic images of you.
    Your vacation I bet was fantastic also. The last one is my fav, that statue !!

  2. beyond fabulous!
    Italy looks nice too.

  3. Quant'è bella giovinezza
    Che si fugge tuttavia !
    Chi vuol esser lieto, sia:
    Di domain non c'è certezza.

    ~ Lorenzo deMedici
    "Trionfo di Bacco e di Arianna"

    Fiercely dapper and handsome as always. Enjoy the most glorious country on Earth.

  4. Very, very elegant. That's how good taste must be looking..

    I hope you had a marvellous time!

  5. With Thombeau on hiatus, you are the only civilized blog left. Keep up the good work

  6. All I can say is thank God for TJB! AT least the Italian's know that at least one traveller from the US is capable of seeing their idea of style, and then one upping them, the right way.alness

  7. Bellissima! How is the Eternal City these days? I was cinematically in Italy in my Cinema Italiano post!

  8. JANN - Thanks! I call that one "Fruit, with Vegetables." LOL.

    Jason - Grazie!

    Lango Aurelian - My favorite destination on earth...

    DAVID McGRIEVEY - Horrors!

    Frl. Irene Palfy - Thank you very much. I did, indeed, have a splendid, restful vacation.

    artist george - Oh, I beg to differ: there are some very fine blogs out there! But I do so appreciate the sentiment.

    ATCC - And, you know, we were always given super treatment in restaurants and shops, while we sometimes witnessed the very touristy-looking tourists given much lesser service; I won't necessarily condone that kind of preferential treatment, but appearances do count...

    Mightee.Maus - That's the best blogger handle I've seen in a long time!

    Michael O'Sullivan - Rome never, ever changes, which is why I love it so. 16 years after my first visit, and 20-odd trips since, it almost feels like a recurring, continuation of the same vacation.

  9. oh Rome, very nice and you very elegant!
    I'm in Italy too in this period.

  10. That stairwell photo is FANTASTIC!

    You look splendid, as always.

  11. Makes me proud of my Italian heritage. I love Italy. My fave is Harry's American Bar in Venice.
    I have no shame! ha ha

  12. ELEGANT. Nothing more to add ...


  13. I'll give another shout out to the spiral stairs. So nice. It would look amazing blown up.

  14. cuki - Thank you, and I wish I were there now!

    MJ - Much appreciated, Mistress mine.

    David Toms - Traveling with savoir faire!

    Jiva - Hey, the Bellinis are still great, and they still draw an OK crowd. The Harry's offshoot in Rome, however... ugh!

    Jill - Blush!

    Debbie - MWAH!

    Ptolemy1 - It was just a fluke chance that my friend captured that shot. It is striking, isn't it?

    mort salzburger - Thank you! The beginnings of your blog look so tantalizing... why did you stop??