Monday, October 18, 2010

A McGuire Monday


  1. I'm on a nostalgia kick today.
    I worked with Julius LaRosa in 1954, when he was madly in love with Dorothy. She was married, and her husband was in the service. Big scandal. After they decided to stop seeing each other, Julie used to drag me and my roommate to church with him every Sunday. I mean he literally came into our hotel room and dragged us out of bed. Guess he was trying to repent for the affair?
    He was a wacky guy, but I think Dorothy was the love of his life.
    She was a stunning beauty.

  2. Angela - I love your nostalgia kicks! Really, you have some of the best stories of all time. (The Barbara Nichols one still cracks me up.)

    Billy D - I wonder if they still have all of these get-ups in storage?