Saturday, October 2, 2010

Your Funny Uncle



  1. I'll have a tête-à-tête with Uncle McPipe, in his boudoir, thank you !

  2. Your perverse innuendo is showing. Images of children shouldn't be used to titillate.
    This is worse than interleaving the occasional naked man with truly glamorous movie stars. Sometimes I just dont understand the mindset that can meld these images.
    Have said that, I do enjoy 95% of your blog.

  3. Sandy01 - I'm sorry that you missed the point of this posting. It's intent wasn't to titillate (and, frankly, if images of children in any form titillate or arouse someone, then there's very little to help them), but to be ironic, and to point out the ludicrous.

    I'm sorry, but there is something inherently clueless and, subsequently, funny about the tagline "Let's Do Leathercraft!" (and, considering the 1970's timeframe, don't tell me no one in Tandy marketing got the double-entendre). Similarly, it's inherently clueless to pose with your bar-mitzvahed nephew/cousin/neighbor's son while in your speedo -- just as it's clueless when I see contemporary adults wearing hoochie shorts and bikini tops while toting their tots.

    Don't read into it more than you should.

  4. TJB.........
    You are casting your Pearls before Swine.

  5. Well, I for one think it's an absolute hoot. Leathercraft is on par with "Jimmy, do you ever dream of gladiators?" which is one of the most hysterical lines of delivered comedy in the past 25 years.

    And yes, Pipe Daddy could have his way with me (or any number of people I know).

    Now the swimsuit uncle looks familiar - his face, that is. The question is, which one is over dressed and which needs to be undressed.

    And Sandy, if you haven't figured out "what" and "who" our host is leering at in good clean fun, then it is you, not he, that needs a good look in a mirror.


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