Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday Chanteuse



  1. In the first and second photo Lena looks like she borrowed Kay Kendall's nose.

  2. "I love my Sanka 'cause it loves me.... Sanka and me, we're feelin' caffiene-free. A cup, a cup, a cup, a cup, a CUP!"

  3. I think I told you I worked with her in Kentucky, where she was not allowed to come in the front door, even though she was the star of the show. She had to come in the back, during rehearsals, when the rest of us were allowed to come in the front. So we all came in the back. Because we loved her.

    She was quiet and reserved, kind and generous, and always polite. She was a star of the 1st magnitude. I have gorgeous photos of her autographed to me personally. My treasures! Not to mention all the candid photos she let me take of her coming off stage, or chatting with her husband, Lenny, her musical director. She was a credit to the human race. We should all be so gifted in spirit.

  4. Angela, what a terrific story. And it's nice to hear good things about Lena's own temperament and personality, as the recent, first-ever comprehensive biography of the lady paints a much colder portrait.


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