Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Almost Lifelike


  1. Fun fact - I went to high school with Ed Herlihy's son. He was the announcer for a lot of TV shows produced in New York.

  2. "...Another old-timer, Caeser Romero..." OUCH!

  3. didn't i read that connie had a facelift right before she made this picture and then died right after?

  4. Norma, the story I heard was that her surgery scars weren't fully healed when principle photography began and extra heavy duty make up had to be used to cover them. The lead content in that make up is what did her in. Hence she died for her vanity.

    All I know is there are a couple of scenes where she looks younger (or at least, fresher) than Lana.

    1. She looks at least 10 years younger than Turner in that black & white newsreel. Turner was furious...

  5. She actually had been diagnosed with lung cancer shortly after completing Madame X. The cancer had metastasied to her brain, which caused the fatal cerebral hemmorhage on July 24, 1965.


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