Monday, November 8, 2010

A Marvelous Party

Noel Coward, Judy Garland and Kay Thompson talk about performing, Lena Horne, Roger Edens, and Marilyn Monroe. Once our jaws are back in place from dropping, our eternal thanks will go to Toby Worthington for bringing this to our attention, and to TallulahDahling for posting it.


  1. Talk about being the proverbial fly on the wall!
    We have Judy complaining about the insensitivity of
    A-level hosts (nothing has changed in that department and Noel in clipped tones of agreement, with Kaye Thompson muttering amens in the background. To folks like us, this is akin to discovering the Dead Sea scrolls.
    It wasn't until the end of part 2 that we heard Noel
    tell Kaye that she had "enough for 4 volumes"~which
    somewhat explained his declamatory style
    (of speaking off stage) and the fact that Kaye was planning some sort of biography . But then Kaye always had something in the pipeline and it often came to naught.

  2. You can download the nearly 45-minute complete exchange right here:

  3. How divine as is your Mr Worthington. pgt


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