Friday, November 19, 2010

Thank God it's Friday

And just remember:
Even if you had a lousy week, at least you didn't have Yma Sumac going postal on your ass.


  1. True - but just remember that she could do it over 5 different octaves and that really made it special - an absolutely truly genuine NUMERO UNO DIVA who leaves all the other diva wanna be's in the diamond dust given off by any of her lesser tiaras - don't even THINK about messing with MISS Sumac!!!!
    I don't expect there will ever be another one quite like her - - -

  2. Is this where Zsa Zsa learned how to do it?

  3. Well now, we don't know the circumstances, it may very well be that the young lady deserved it.

  4. Darlin', here's the circumstances!!