Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Yul Log

Dear Joan and Lili Marlene had something else in common, besides ringmaster outfits, cowgirl drag, and tropical makeup: they also both bagged the eminently baggable Yul Brynner. In the 1940's, Brynner posed nude for George Platt Lynes. Nearly 20 years later, at age 43, he appeared wearing only slightly more in the campy Kings of the Sun (1963), his body betraying not a single passing year -- proving that Yul time should be celebrated every day of the year -- as Joan and Marlene could both attest to (as well as Hurd Hatfield!).


  1. TJ, give me your sources for these pictures so I can do further research.

  2. "Yul be in my dreams..."

    My guess is that you could add photographer Lynes to that list as well.

  3. Yul had a six-pack before people ever heard of a six-pack.