Friday, August 28, 2009

Spreading the Love

The following posts feature some of our favorite blogs and bloggers; many came before SSUWAT and served as inspiration, while others are new favorites. This is our opportunity to say "Thanks, bitches" to those who started us on this journey, and to shine a spotlight on some worthy sites you may have overlooked. If you're a regular visitor here and don't see your blog featured, darlings, we offer a heartfelt mea culpa; as you can see by our Links, we have many, many blogs we deem Absolutely Fabulous, but our poor, tired fingers could only muster enough strength to feature a dozen or so. But know that We Love You!

P.S. We don't believe in playing favorites, but special mention must be made, and due homage paid, to the point at which most of these blogs meet: Planet Fabulon, which, of course, we have featured here. I believe it's safe to say that most of us first discovered each other through Thombeau's wonderful, wacky world, and for that, we are eternally grateful. But how do you thank someone, who has taken you from crayons to perfume?


  1. My dear, what exclusive circles you move in. And I really do mean you move in circles.

  2. HAHAHA! TJB, that comment literally made me laugh out loud! Anyway, thanks for the kind words about Fabulon. I love all you crazy kids, you've made the entire endeavor worthwhile! Without you, I'm nothing. Well, not really. But I'm certainly better because of all of you. And medication.

  3. but our poor, tired fingers could only muster enough strength to feature a dozen or so.

    Leading us to ponder exactly WHAT you’ve been doing to wear out those digits!

    What an honour to be included in this glittering lineup.

    Bonus: I’m the filling in a Jason / Mean Dirty Pirate sandwich!

    It was just yesterday that I was pondering how Thombeau led me to you, TJB, and to so many other Fabulonians. I suggest that we all get down on our knees and thank Thom. Oh, I see that Mean Dirty Pirate has been down on his knees all day so need to remind HIM.

    p.s. I see a few fresh faces I must soon visit.

  4. Thombeau - "I'm certainly better because of all of you. And medication."

    Ain't it the truth, sister?

    MJ - "I see a few fresh faces I must soon visit."

    As a switch from merely sitting down on them?

  5. LOL! As always, MJ brings out the best in everyone!

  6. Many thanks Thombeau for bringing us all together! Otherwise we'd ahve to rely on chance meetings in group therapy....

  7. It's a sort of digital Algonquin round table, really, isn't it?

    Although I'm afraid that may make me Edna Ferber, a fate not to be wished on anybody...

  8. I'd settle for being Edna Ferber!

  9. It isn't easy, but I'll tryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy