Thursday, January 15, 2015

We Know, We Know...

...we're terribly behind schedule, darlings. 

But...well...we've been busy.


  1. Few things are as time-consuming as a torrid affair.

    1. It's a long, long way, from May to December... Jx

    2. didn't i read a blind item about this in somebody's column?

    3. All In Fun

      We are seen around New York "El Morocco" and "The Stork",
      And the other stay-up-late cafes,
      I am on the town with you these days
      That's the way it stands.

      Just a fellow and a girl,
      We have had a little whirl,
      And our feet have left the ground a bit.
      We've played around a bit,
      That's the way it stands.

      For we are strictly goodtime Charlies
      Who like to drink and dance around
      And maybe kick romance around
      And that's the way it stands.

      All in fun,
      This thing is all in fun,
      When all is said and done
      How far can it go?

      Some cocktails, some orchids,
      A show or two,
      A line in a column that links me with you.

      Just for laughs.
      You're with me night and day,
      And so the dopes all say
      That I'm that way 'bout you.

      Here's the laugh
      And when I tell you,
      This'll kill you!...
      What they say is true.

  2. I'm going to steal that plaid jacket when no one's looking.

  3. Oh, quit showing off. We know you want to leave this post of you and the fabulous Marilyn Maye up as long as possible. You're such a fame whore darling.

  4. About all the comments above..truer words were rarely spoken. Love you all darlings

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