Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas in Connecticut

For our money, Christmas in Connecticut (1945) is the ultimate holiday feel-good film. It has everything: a hard-boiled Barbara Stanwyck, resplendent in utterly glamorous and un-New England Edith Head creations; a picturesque, snowbound setting, the likes of which never existed even in Norman Rockwell's imagination; great character actors Sydney Greenstreet, S.Z. Sakall, Una O'Connor, and Dick Elliot doing their patented schticks to perfection; and, above all, Dennis Morgan as the All American Hero we'd love to have for the holidays, in any state. Particularly one of undress.

We grew up in Connecticut, and we must report that we never found this stuffed in our stocking.


  1. You must be in a Barbara Stanwyck mood lately. Me too, she's about my favorite then Gene Tierney, and then Katherine Hepburn. I'll have to post my autographed photo of Katherine sometime soon, just for you. It's divine.

  2. One of our favorite Christmas movies. Too bad it's so under rated.

  3. ayem8y -- When *aren't* we in a Barbara Stanwyck mood? Oh, and please do post your autographed Great Kate photo!

    Scooter -- 10 times better than "It's a Wonderful Life"!