Thursday, December 4, 2008

Gorgeous George

Once upon a time, he was absolutely divine. We can't blame Jeanne Moreau for tying him up; or Bill Bixby for staring at his ass.


  1. I rather like the first photo, I'm thinking of making that outfit it the dress code for breakfast in my kitchen. The dining room would require a black bow tie of course.

    Charming as he was, and perhaps still is, the whole "tan” thing kind of creeps me out. I like leather for accessories, but not as a body suit.

  2. Well, it looks like Bill "dresses left!" Not sure about Mr. H. I admire George for having a sense of humor about himself, at least.

  3. Saw him on Regis and Kelly this morning. Not bad.

  4. Before the schtick stuck, he was a very sexy guy. Even now, when he's not "doing George Hamilton" on talk shows and TV cameos, he's still handsome and charming, very different from his self-parody persona.

  5. Darling,
    Read his book, "Don't Mind If I Do"!
    It's fantastic!
    He was a call boy in every sense but the name! Started young, too.
    "Love @ 1st Bite" is still 1 of the sexiest (& funniest) movies ever!