Saturday, December 6, 2008

Red Rubber Ball

The Cyrkle's claim to fame is their insanely catchy 1966 hit, "Red Rubber Ball." They were also cute as can be, so imagine our surprise and delight when a gossipy old queen name-dropped them as participating in New York gay swinger parties during the 1960's. (We might have expected that from a group named The Kinks, The Animals, or even The Rascals.)

The one with the big ears and Gene Tierney overbite who always seems to be sandwiched in the middle, or bringing up the bottom, is our favorite. Of course.


  1. It's all making sense:

    "Red rubber ball"?
    "Turn down day"?


    (plus the one down under, in the first pic, looks a bit like Dan Savage)

  2. i have,turn down day! love it.

  3. I love Dan Savage! He could ravage me anytime.

  4. Red rubber ball conjures up some unpleasant images for me from the movie "Pulp Fiction." Now if Quentin really were perverse, he'd have had that playing on a radio during the Bruce/Ving scene! ("Bring out the gimp!")