Friday, December 5, 2008

Vinyl Vixens


  1. Most people identify Miss Julie London with "Cry Me a River", but somehow I always hear "Saddle the Wind" (the title song from a western she did) when I see her photos. Did she really have RED hair at one time or is it the tint/lighting of the photo? I'm grinning at Rhonda... I wonder what that album sounds like!

  2. Wonderful, all those sultry redheads.
    I'd be inclined to frame them uniformly (picture frames, that is) and display them on a wall like rare engravings of an earlier age....which, at this point in time, they are the equivalent of!

  3. Poseidon3 -- I prefer "Boy on a Dolphin," myself; I think Jules was tinted for this particular portrait, although she definitely had a reddish cast to her hair. Rhonda wasn't a bad singer, at all; nothing earth shattering, but perfectly serviceable. Her website features sound clips, and I posted one of her songs on my imeem playlist.

    Toby -- I love the idea of vintage album covers as wall art.


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