Monday, June 1, 2009


While we don't endorse the sexual debasing or objectifying of women, we do, however, admit that we secretly prefer stewardesses to "flight attendants," and think that kicky Pucci head bubbles should make a comeback. 

We also heartily champion cabin pressure-resistant hairdos; color coordinated flats and go-go boots; and (L-R, bottom row) hiring Joanne Woodward, Liza Minnelli, and Princess Anne as cabin crew.

But what we really want to see make a comeback are hunky ramp workers in tight jumpsuits, flattering vertical stripes, and suggestive hip-huggers. Thank you.


  1. Love it, always have and always will! However give me boys in hotpants, go go boots and a Pucci inspired helmets.

  2. "give me boys in hotpants, go go boots and a Pucci inspired helmets."

    So true!

    (When are you updating again, dear? I'm impatient for more Savoir Faire in my life!)

  3. Yesterday at a pool party I referred to a visiting flight attendant FOF as an air hostess. She was NOT amused.

  4. Coffee, tea or me?

    Pucci? Or Stanley Tucci?

  5. Ted Davis - It could have been worse. You could have called her an air mattress. Although, honestly, that would apply more to the male flight attendants that I've known.

    MJ - I'll take you, darling!

  6. I know I have been a bit slack on the savoir faire side. Work has been interferring. Promise I will do so soon