Thursday, June 4, 2009

Debbie's Back in Town... the Cafe Carlyle. Her official website lists a "dancer" (yes, singular) among her accompanists, which gives us the slightly foolish hope that, when we see her on June 13, the Unsinkable Debbie Reynolds will be recreating her nightclub act, circa 1966.

Barring that, perhaps Miss Reynolds will persuade her bosom buddy Raquel Welch to share the stage for an impromptu Woman of the Year - Victor/Victoria medley.

Whatever the case may be, of this much we can be certain: Miss Reynolds will give her all to entertain us. Although, despite the lingering M-G-M stardust, there will still be the bittersweet sadness which now follows us whenever we now return to the Carlyle, realizing that its most fabulous occupant is well and truly gone.


  1. I hope Debbie brings back that fabulous straw hat/pony tail combo. And transglobal amnesia.

  2. I love Debbie!
    Look at this:

  3. You DO realize that we're expecting a photo of the two of you arm-in-arm backstage.

  4. MC - "I hope Debbie brings back that fabulous straw hat/pony tail combo."

    If I do, I'll look just like Pat Suzuki.

    Vivir en Tucson - Awesome!!! Although, I don't know that Virginia Mayo or Rose Marie are two dames I'd go to for fitness tips.

    MJ - What? You don't expect some shots of me ONstage???

  5. We wouldn't want you to upstage the star.