Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Gentle Reminder...

...to our dear readers, particularly our beloved Mistress MJ and darling Jason, that SSUWAT will never, ever feature Ms. Leon Talley on its tasteful yet irreverent pages (and certainly not as an Icon!); chiefly, because we humbly concede that we have neither the sufficient snark of The Notorious J*O*E*, nor the delicate cheekiness that is Planet Fabulon - both or either of which are necessary when discussing (or dissing) ALT. 

No, when The Talley comes up in cocktail conversation, our eyebrows involuntarily arch, our tone takes on the timbre of dry ice, and we feel compelled to grasp at imaginary, dowager-style pearls. And, frankly, all of that is quite difficult to convey in words on a blog post - so, henceforth, Miss Thing will be She Who Shall Not Be Named.

Hattie McDaniel, however, will continue to be featured, perhaps even deified. 

Updates tomorrow, darlings. We're exhausted from a three day weekend involving a whirwind of ballet, beaus, bow ties, and Negronis. 

(MC, your PMS compels us to forgive and forget. Jason, you're just too darn cute for us to remain miffed for very long.)


  1. I realize that you have let me off lightly by blaming my PMS so I really shouldn’t bring this to your attention but I once said THIS over on Planet Fabulon…

    My friend and I have a masochistic desire to meet “She Who Shall Not Be Named” just so that he can stare smugly down his nose at what we're wearing.I’m sure I’ve forfeited Fabulosity points for life as a result.

    Hattie McDaniel, however, will continue to be featured, perhaps even deified. Oh my! I misread “deified” as “defiled”!

  2. "I misread “deified” as “defiled”!"

    Tallulah Bankhead allegedly took care of that!

  3. Good job! She is indeed an Icon. As well, by most accounts, McDaniel was a generous, gracious host and a loyal friend.

  4. Teehee at the Tallulah comment.

    Oh no! You made Jason cwy!

  5. i am snarky?
    how verrrrry dare you!


  6. oh and thanks for the link. you missed this post, because i posted her as Andrea Leona Talley....oops. who could blame me?


  7. Miss Hattie McShe Who Shall Not Be Named was born into a pretty bad country Mississippi way deprived of virtually everything. A pickaninny hand picked by Vreeland. I like to believe that most professional fashion folks come from the trailers and delude themselves into thinking they are tastemakers. They’re servants hired to present pretty clothes and everything else is ego and affectation.

  8. I actually really like La Talley. I never really had much of an opinion of him before, but after reading his memoirs I am a changed woman. It was shockingly beautifully written; refined and controlled and absolutely lyrical. What I loved about it most was in this sea of this immaculately proper prose was the single greatest sentence ever written in a memoir (and I'm counting DV) "Do you KNOW what it's like to have chiggers on your balls?"

  9. Marc - And she (Ms. McDaniel) apparently had one of the loveliest, most elegant homes in Hollywood.

    Jason - All is forgiven.

    MJ - It really was just a ruse for me to then swoop down upon him with words of consolation and kisses.

    joe*to*hell - Besides our mutual distaste for You Know Who, it's also refreshing to find someone who makes fun of Asians speaking English even more than *I* do.

    ayem8y - "Miss Hattie McShe Who Shall Not Be Named was born into a pretty bad country Mississippi way deprived of virtually everything."

    Insert your own food joke here, I'm far too nice.

    MsPlumcake - 'Tis a pity he can't be more refined and controlled in other areas, but that's just our opinion and a matter of taste!

  10. I post La Talley for the same reasons I post Amanda Lepore. I'm just not sure what those reasons are...

  11. I'm shocked! You don't love the Talley capes?!...sarcasm dripping.

  12. Jill: Capes?

    Or Caftans?

    Or TENTS?