Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Greatest Scopitone Ever?

Joi Lansing may have had more glamour and gay witch doctors; Kay Starr had more sequins; and Donna Theodore (bless her bouffant!) had more chorus boys in speedos; but Miss Timi Yuro, with the aid of extras (dig Miss World and her globes) and The Cheesiest Props Ever, gets some sort of special Scopitone Merit Badge for Pantomiming Every Single Lyric Literally.


  1. "If they made me a queen"?
    I see but *one* queen there, and sorry, she ain't it.

  2. You know my vote is always with Sonny King!

  3. She may have truly pissed off the god of warblers since she developed throat cancer & had her larynx removed. If indeed.

    Check out wikipedia....Timi had quite the career. Adored by Elvis, opened for Sinatra in Australia (1961) & Morrissey claimed her his favorite singer. Who knew?

  4. I still vote for Quando Quando by the Kessler Sisters as best Scopitone of all time.

  5. Had Beatlemania not hit America in 1964, this bitch would have been top of the pops.


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