Friday, June 12, 2009

Let the Sunshine In

Compare and contrast.


  1. Teotihuacan---I've been there! Plus I've seen Raquel in person this is some sort of cosmic convergence for me!

  2. One of these things is not the like the other:
    fur trimmed coat
    satin and sequined dress
    French Empire stage set
    the age of aquarius

  3. Oh my God! I am in seventh heaven with the RW version

  4. Raquel Welch is just too fabulous! What a beauty! Diahann is easily the more accomplished vocalist and she is glamorous as always but her presentation is too patrician for "Hair". Raquel's setup is strange and scary, and she is marvelous to look at.

  5. Thombeau - Are you tweaking again?!?!

    Scooter - And a valet. Don't forget the valet.

    David Toms - You forget what an all-around entertainer she was. A bat-sh*t crazy entertainer, but an all-around one.

    Marc - Diahann's presentation is really odd, isn't it? One wonders if it was her sly slap in the face to the unwashed hippies who were, of course, the antithesis of Ms. Carroll's polished brand of savoir faire.

  6. I can't listen to another "Hair" tune so soon after the Tony Awards.

  7. Ohh...hard.
    Cut outs?!
    Hunky bulls?

    Too hard.

  8. I ate couscous with Diahann Carroll once, and I've been in the Hollywood Palace! Eerie!

  9. Yes Racquel was an all rounder> I just want one of those costumes for a soiree