Friday, June 12, 2009


We think you'd be hard-pressed to find entertainers half as endearing, adorable and durable as the remarkable Borden Twins, our latest Mystery Guests.

Entertainment veterans from the age of 4, they're best known for their legendary guest star turn as "Teensy and Weensy" on I Love Lucy in 1955; they parlayed that sensational appearance into a long, successful career on television and in nightclubs. Roz passed away in 2003; Marilyn left us this past March. They were truly among the last of a quickly vanishing breed of show biz troupers, and we miss them terribly.

No one discovered their identity this time out; but Mistress MJ probably came the closest with her guess of Muscato and Peenee, who shall serenade her with a stirring rendition of "Ricochet Romance" as her prize.

Visit the Borden Twins' site HERE.


  1. oh dear.
    How adorable they are!

    I just always assumed they'd come out of the womb with that hair. I'm sure that's what tripped me up.

  2. I'm stickin' with my original answer.

  3. Were they the twins who sang "Ricochet Romance" in tight jeans?

  4. Jason - "I just always assumed they'd come out of the womb with that hair."

    Don't you think their mother was dialated enough???

    MJ - It's certainly plausible.

    Labuanbajo - You betcha!