Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Are You Ready, Boots?

From February 1966 (with the release of "These Boots are Made for Walking") until December 1967 (the release of "Some Velvet Morning"), Nancy Sinatra was just about the coolest kitten on the planet. Sure, she made some fun singles before, and would sporadically make a few killer cuts after; but nothing could top the campy bravura of "Boots" or the psychedelic lushness of "Velvet." No vocal powerhouse, Sinatra nevertheless transcended the "kid of a legend" tag to carve out a very respectable niche for herself, at least for those golden 21 months. Proof: her spooky, brilliant reimagination of Cher's "Bang Bang," which today is held in higher regard than the original. It's hard to believe, but this eternal go-go girl turns a cool 70 today! Happy Birthday, Nancy Sinatra - you're still loved and adored by fans all over world. How does that grab you, darlin'?

June 8, 1940


  1. LOVE , LOVE , LOVE HER !!!!! I practically know all the words to every song ,,, get a little Strawberry Wine on some Velvet Morning, with my Boots that are made for walking , meet you in Jackson because Im not just your pussy cat , gonna go out and prowl, YEAH !!!!

  2. I have the album with these on it- I was about 8, dating myself but she still manages to hold with this great iconic song. pgt

  3. I love the end beat on "Boots". Nancy was the princess of Cool and the hair...lovin' it.

  4. I saw her perform several years ago, she was great. She trotted out Mr. Hazlewood, too, and they did all their old songs. He was wasted, of course. And so was I!