Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Special Conversation

"I gotta work up my nerve...pour myself an Old Fashioned and wear my lucky beaded caftan."

"You see, Suzy, sometimes there are very special dads, who like to wear ascots and embroidered smoking jackets with matching slippers. And collect Shirley Bassey albums and Linda Darnell memorabilia."

"Whee!!!!! Daddy's gay! Daddy's gay!"


  1. When I was a baby, I was sent away and raised for awhile by my gay uncle.

    Which explains a lot, when you think about it.

    p.s. This comment will mysteriously vanish later as Blogger is eating all my comments.

  2. I know, I just noticed that he is wearing my other's favorite slippers...

  3. i bet there are kids today that have the opportunity to scream, "daddy's gay!" and be as ecstatic as this little girl.

    i certainly would've been.

  4. "Do we have to watch "All About Eve" AGAIN, Daddy?"


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