Saturday, June 5, 2010

Think Pink

For some reason, the S/S sales at Bergdorf seem to put us in a very pink mood. Two years ago, it was the infamous fuchsia pants. This year, it was this lovely coral linen number by Simon Spurr:

We decided to forego the bloom, opting instead for a crisp white shirt; a raw silk bow tie in jewel tones; a pocket square in Persian green with large orange dots; silver silk mohair trousers; and cognac benchmades. We had never tried the Spurr label before, and were delighted to find that we could buy it right off the rack, without any alterations whatsoever - the length and the sleeves were perfect, as well as the fit. Our next mission: to find pale green and pale yellow linen trousers to wear with this for the rest of the summer.


  1. pink is my most favorite color. the older i get, the gayer i get, hence, the PINKER i get! (sorry, i didn't mean to make it about me.....ahem)

    you must look terrific.
    we can only hope that you pull out the SX70 and start shooting and posting.

  2. sigh...if I were younger and slimmer...

  3. Coral is fab, but lets me frank about it. Its fashionable for a blink of the eye and then it just looks dated.

    Sounds like your superior sense of fashion won out, as it should!

  4. With your personal style and flair, I doubt very much it will ever look dated on you.

  5. Classics are classics and there will always be somewhere to wear this. Kudos

  6. Your style is impeccable!
    Urbane, sophisticated with a dash of irony...gorge!