Friday, June 4, 2010

Take a Letter, Darling...'s Roz Russell's birthday!!!

June 4, 1907 - November 28, 1976


  1. I'm fixing myself a daquiri made with honey and throwing it over my shoulder in her honor!

  2. Thank you so much for this post.
    Auntie Mame was re-issued a couple of weeks ago in France where I live(translated with a couple of mistakes, mixing up Roz and a couple of other Mames in the credits aka Lucy Ball).
    I'm discovering the book which inspired one of my favourite movies of all times : Auntie Mame (the only one with Roz).
    I posted an article on our blog here :
    and one on the book here :
    I must admit that I also adore Gypsy so thank you for this incredible Finale (I watched it again last week!).
    Happy Birthday Roz!

  3. I remember sitting in the balcony with my sis in 1958 and couldn't stop laughing at Auntie Mame. Just bought the DVD 2 years ago to see it again; it was as good!