Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What's in a Name?

There just aren't any glamorous starlets with exotic monikers like Ilona Massey (June 16, 1910 - August 24, 1974) or Faith Domergue (June 16, 1924 - April 4, 1999) anymore - and our world is a poorer, less exciting place for it.


  1. She may have been more behind the camera than in front (less Hollywood) but what about
    Elfi von Dassanowsky (1924-2007)... there's a name that makes one think of Ruritania and OMG what a face!


  2. TJ, you are so right! Whatever happened to the Natacha Rambova of the world! Bring back the exotic!

  3. It's a sad commentary that junkie named "Lindsay" can be a celebrity now.

  4. Ilona Massey, a quiet, regal, elegant woman, who had very little to say to us chorus cuties!

  5. Don't forget the immortal Swoosie Kurtz! The name not only comes tripping off one's tongue, it does a pratfall and a spit take.

  6. Ah, the sultry Faith Domergue (pronounced "dah-mure" for some odd reason!). But she was hardly "dah-mure" the day the green-eyed teen starlet rammed her convertible roadster into a young Ava Gardner, who was in the passenger seat of her much-older beau, Howard Hughes' sedan.


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