Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Angie Baby

Her name is Angie, she was a showgirl; she's seen Lena Horne naked, observed Abbe Lane go braless, and is a treasure trove of lore and anecdotes about the entertainers she's known and worked with. We can only hope that she shares more of her show biz legacy with us over at her blog, Loves Mind Travel - most of Angela's utterly delightful remembrances of fabulosity past are from comments that she's left here on SSUWAT. But that also sums up the lady in a nutshell: she's one of the most generous and open-hearted people we've had the good fortune to meet via this medium, and not one to toot her own horn. So we'll do it for her!


  1. My goodness, what a nice surprise!
    How sweet of you to single me out for a special mention on SSUWAT !

    I am truly honored. I wish I would share more stories from the day, but the truth is, until you mention something about someone I knew, that's when it flashes my brain, ~ oh yeah, remember that time, or that day, or that incident? That's when it all comes flooding back, those wonderful days with the famous and almost famous.

    If I could just get my hands on the film of my life from 1952 to 1959, then I'd remember everything! I'd send you all a copy, and it would be a hoot!
    They were fabulous times, and all I need is a good memory jogger.

    I do have a video of of me and the girls dancing on The Colgate Variety Hour. I blushed to see me looking so arrogant and sassy.

    Thanks again you dear man, makes me feel like a celebrity! I keep saying I'm going to write a tale about it all, but life keeps happening, even now. Kisses!

  2. What an awesome blog, thanks for pointing it out!

  3. Thanks Thombeau, nice of you to say so! :-)