Tuesday, July 13, 2010

à deux

Finally, we'd like to shine the spotlight on two blogs from France: Obscure Object of Desire and soyons-suave. Bringing that uniquely Gallic élan and flair to much of the same ground that we cover here at SSUWAT, these blogs prove that glamour is, indeed, without borders or boundaries: it belongs to us all, if we only have the courage and style to seek it out. Vive la France!


  1. Love them, hopped on immediately!

    Happy Bastille!

  2. Cher TJB, you made me blush, now I'm all red. I just have to be white and blue and it will be the most exquisite Bastille Day ever ! Thank you, it is an honor to be mentionned here on STUWT.

  3. See the state I am in... I meant on SSUWAT. Does STUWT means something ? It must...

  4. woooo, as Lauren told Bogart with a deep throaty voice "I liked that"...

    thank you, you lovely being. :)