Tuesday, July 13, 2010

We'll Have a Blue Room

Not Wedgewood blue, or even Crawford blue - but Hilly Blue. If it's permanently 1962 here at SSUWAT, then it's permanently 1978 in the Blue Room - with the thump of 128 bpm and the scent of poppers and sweaty backroom sex hanging in the air. Trawling the fabulous archives of such period periodicals as After Dark and Viva, Hilly gives us a glimpse at the last gasp of true glamour, before the mid-1980's put the final nail in the coffin. It makes for fascinating, scintillating, and sometimes bittersweet reading, so put on your best vintage Halston, splash on some Charlie, and make sure you visit Hilly today. Tell him Bianca sent you.


  1. Hilly is obsessive in all the best ways. I think.


    (OMG--You won't believe this but my word verification is "bluen"! WTF?!)

  2. Wow! What can I say? This means so much to me. The blogs by you and Thom are ones that inspire me. I love you guys.