Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Apocalypse Now

"I suppose you've heard all about Stephen - you know, the one who's hooked that silver foxy husband? I did his nails at his apartment the other day - it's like a reform school, those dogs of his are absolute gangsters! Don't soak yet. Don't you just love to read? How do they ever think up those plots? I read Post-Apocalyptic Bohemian everyday. That Stephen does all these interesting profiles of famous pansies - I mean, homosexuals. Soak it, please. I think he's one - Stephen, I mean. He's really a terrible man-trap; he's got those eyes that go up and down a man - like a searchlight. Jungle Red, I suppose? One coat or two?"


  1. Stephen's blog is fantastic. When I get back to Portland, I will meet him. I will!

  2. Its a grand blog - and it keeps you wanting MORE!

  3. First time on his blog, and I am riveted! Such interesting stories about the famous and fascinating.
    I had just put one of those revolving planets on my blog, and was happy to have 317 visits so far. Then I go to Stephen's blog, and he has one too, except that he's had over 70,000 visitors! Wow. Some people are pretty popular :-)


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