Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Younger Than Springtime, and Twice as Exciting

Of course, Normadesmond hasn't been 52 since '52, but you people out there in the dark don't need to know that, do you? You've been writing her faithfully all these years, begging for her return to the screen. Instead, she's deigned to bestow upon you a blog: mitten drinnen. Her friends pop in for a game of bridge now and then: Abby and Ann; Lana and Andy; poor Susie had to be carried out after the last round. Stop in and say hello; but remember, don't be late. Madame doesn't like to be kept waiting.


  1. What can be said about Miss Desmond that hasn't been said before? Well, probably many things, but would they be true?

    Love her.

  2. Cecil kept her waiting and then look what happened!

  3. what can be said....SAID?

    I can say anything i want with my eyes.

  4. "I can say anything i want with my eyes."

    Well, your one good one, anyway.