Tuesday, July 13, 2010

That Continental Touch

Do you like your men dark-haired, sloe-eyed, and dangerously tailored? Do you admire women with huge, liquid eyes (and liquid eyeliner), cut-glass cheekbones, and insouciant style? So does our new friend Mike, of Movies! Music! Books!: Mike's Reviews and Comments. Like SSUWAT, Mike has a special fondness for that unique epoch in time that hovers around 1962, but with a distinctly European vibe. He also views and comments on more obscure movies that we'd love to see than practically anyone we know - we'd love to have a screening party with him! Mike's reviews and comments are perfect: detailed, but not overly verbose; and they entice you to seek out the film in question yourself, which is the highest compliment, we think, one can bestow upon someone writing about films that they enjoy. For the love of Mike, pay him a visit today.


  1. I just stopped by his blog recently, it's excellent. What a great crew you've lined up!

  2. Fabulous comments darling! - I thought you would like this shot from the '62 BOCCACCIO 70 which also throws in segments starring Sophia, Romy and Anita for De Sica, Visconti and Fellini .... 1962 at its artiest, chicest!

  3. The guy in the tight pants is Germano Giglioli (wonder what else he has been in?) in a segment from the 4 episode dvd release of 1962's BOCCACCIO 70.


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