Friday, September 17, 2010

Exciting News

Our favorite Tinsletown starlet, FelixInHollywood, has some Very Exciting News over at his home on the web!


  1. Aren't you fabulous! Come on over folks, we're takin' to the streets, Hollywood style!

    BTW Teej, I think I should like Mr. Grant's (and Mr. Scott's) beach place best of all. Especially if it come with that zippy little green cou-pay.

  2. Bette Davis lived in North Hollywood?
    Kinda down-market!

    And how come Irene Dunne's neighborhood is top secret?

  3. Labuanbajo - a lot of celebs lived in the valley before it went to hell.

    Notice how they didn't have McMansions like the youthful stars of today do? Just nice, sensible houses.

  4. Très cher ami, let's call it a spooky coincidence : we did post the same pictures the very same day ! I found mine here :

    Nice and clean :)


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