Thursday, September 9, 2010

She'll March Her Band Out, She'll Beat Her Drum

Her turn at bat, sir;
at least she didn't fake it.
WTF is that hat, sir?
I guess she didn't make it.

Or did she?

Before her film career, beauteous starlet Laurie Mitchell was dubbed "Miss Body Beautiful" and "Miss Bronx," two titles we'd absolutely kill for. In Hollywood, she had a colorful resume which included Calypso Joe (1957), from which we suppose the above still is taken; Missile to the Moon (1958), as the provocatively monikered Lambda; Attack of the Puppet People (1959); and, most infamously, as the titular, mask-wearing Queen of Outer Space (1958), who is overthrown by Venus's resident top scientist, Zsa Zsa Gabor. Besides these drive-in classics, Mitchell also made a veritable encyclopedia of television guest appearances, on everything from 77 Sunset Strip to The Addams Family; and even managed to snag a spot in the all-girl band that Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon crash in Some Like it Hot (1959). You can't really ask for a more interesting career than that, so in our book, this Bronx beauty more than "made it." Laurie Mitchell, we salute you!


  1. I shall immediately start lobbying on her behalf for a star on the Walk of Fame!

  2. was she one of desi arnaz's bitches?


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