Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Private World of Dorothy Dandridge

"Dorothy Dandridge, circa 1962, seems to be a woman who knows, not only where she has been, but precisely where she is going... Gone are most of the traits of nervousness and uncertainty that many observed in earlier years..."

Within a year of this lavishly illustrated, fawningly-written article, Dorothy Dandridge would be bankrupt, her beautiful home foreclosed upon, and her brain-damaged daughter placed in state care. In less than four years, increasingly despondent and addicted to both pills and alcohol, Dorothy Dandridge would be dead from an overdose of antidepressants. She was 42 years old.


  1. wish i'd gotten to that estate sale.

    poor thing.

  2. Another sadly typical Hollywood story,

    And what happened to the doggie?

  3. Now that is a pretty quick slide.... How sad! My question is, were glamorous stars really content to sit at a TEENY vanity table like the one in her bedroom, shoved into the corner with two candles for lighting?! Or was that mostly for show?

  4. Ay, this reminds me that I need to see Carmen Jones again soon. And Diahann Carroll in person before she leaves us too!

  5. Dorothy Dandridge is the most beautiful, talented, and under-utilized actress in Hollywood history.