Thursday, September 30, 2010

From Mrs. Miniver to Auntie Mame

Oh, how we wish there was preserved video of this performance!!! As much as we adore Roz Russell, and revere the film, one can only imagine the superbly silky heights that Miss Greer Garson achieved when she took over the role from Russell on Broadway. Imagine that deliciously plummy voice reeling off those one liners! Garson's appearance on What's My Line? during her run as Mame Dennis is as close as we'll get to having been there. Listen to the wild crowd reaction as Garson enters, in costume!

Garson won rave reviews for her performance; and, from the looks of this photograph taken a few years later, she and Russell maintained a mutual admiration society of Mames (who mingle with Merle).


  1. coolest chick ever
    amongst others but still the coolest chick

  2. Best Greer tribute of the day!

  3. Greer would have been a fabulous Mame - what a camp clip, and with Orson too !

  4. Does anyone know whether Miss Garson was terribly myopic, or if she wore ill-fitting contact lenses? She always looks (to me) as if she were squinting. Or was it merely the enormous eye lashes?

  5. I've always liked that show. As for Orson and his preamble - Love.

  6. the shot of her on the table is so awful and so wonderful, i'm speechless.

    muy bien darling, muy bien!