Thursday, September 16, 2010

Self Love

Miss Novak appears courtesy DU GUINGOIS


  1. Marlene looks stunning but the shot of Kim Novak is adorable...though I thought it was Zsa Zsa when I first looked at it.

  2. you have to wonder, are those matted snapshots of lana's in a dusty corner in cheryl's garage?

    what queen has mae's stuff? who got joan's bust?

    i'd give a testicle to have that painting of mae over my couch. maybe even both.

  3. I like very much the second-last, ahah!

  4. Brilliant, Todd. You've outdone yourself with this one. :)

  5. These are wonderful. I did keep thinking that we were going to crashland at the end into Sylvester Stallone with his infamous statue that graced (?) his backyard for many years (and maybe still does?) Looking at Mae's statue, I am reminded that Edith Head always commented on how petite she was and that seems true here.

  6. Now that craigslist has banned it's personal ads, these are the first images of self love I've seen in a while!


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