Saturday, January 22, 2011

Strange But True

Ann-Margret is the one glamour icon, whom we adore, who simply cannot carry off a fur.


  1. My gosh, you're right! Of course the fact that it's difficult to describe that top chapeau without using the phrase "reservoir tip" doesn't help her cause either.

  2. Thats because she's wearing the wrong hair and the WRONG furs.

    And frankly I don't know of anyone but the Michelen Man who could carry off that fur in the second picture.

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  4. ann-margret could wear a paper bag and pull it off. obviously no one here has ever seen her live in person. I remember being with her when she was 60 years of age. she ws wearing a green cashmere body hugging dress from neck to toe. ann-margret has a body most 30 year olds women would kill for and i swear there is not a heterosexual man alive whose head would not turn and her image would bring a smile to their face. men and women of all ages heads were turning because this woman is hot. ever check out her blackgama ad? I personally do not like furs and think only a person who has hunted and eaten the meat for sustenance has the right to wear furs.


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