Sunday, December 7, 2008

Dandy Candy

Over at Sissydude, we were capitivated by this intriguing image of this handsome gent, who incongruously combines the suave elegance of a 1930's Esquire illustration with the overt sexuality of a 1950's physique model. It's as if Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., wandered into Bruce of L.A.'s studio, thinking he was at George Hurrell's.

And would you like at the size of those feet?! We're just saying.


  1. It's all about that darling little cleft chin, like a dimple ready to catch jism overflow.

  2. Peenee, promise me that you're leaving your brain to science!

  3. peenee is so full of.....knowledge!

  4. Oh honey, I already have. I wasn't using it anyway.


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