Sunday, December 7, 2008

Such Good Friends

BFF's Kevin McCarthy and Montgomery Clift.


  1. swoon

    Even my word verification for this knows. It's :


  2. good looking men from the past.....

  3. Kevin is a man with some issues... He's been outed in interviews with older gay celebs, but always denied it and played it straight despite the mounting evidence (though not necessarily evidence of mounting anyone! lol)

  4. Undoubtedly...whether he is or he isn't (whatever "it" may be), The McCarthy Era definitely has some issues. Especially where his close friendship with Monty is concerned; Kevin's spent many an interview claiming he didn't know that Monty was gay, or bi, or whatever Princess Tiny Meat considered herself...

  5. If you ever get the chance to see Kevin in "Hotel" (the Rod Taylor movie), you will note his bizarre propensity for taking his shirt off or putting it on during scenes and rubbing all over his own chest. That about wrapped it up for me! :-P


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