Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sartorial Choices

Multi-floral print shirt by Shipley & Halmos ($170)

Crete hat by Rod Keenan ($610)

What do you think, dear readers? Tragically trendy, or elegantly outré? To be worn with slim cut, beige, tropical wool trousers (or, when we're feeling particularly outlandish, those fuchsia pants we got for a song); handmade benchmades in pale maple; and our boy-cut, one button navy blazer with berry-striped lining (see below):

Will we get use out of this outfit, or will we be tired of, and blasé about, it after one or two wearings -- and viewings? Weigh in with your comments; this is a vital issue!


  1. Oh, thank you, dear heart. But what say you of the floral shirt and raspberry hat? Too too?

  2. I love that hat!
    But I'd never be able to concentrate thinking of the price all the time. Yikes.

    The shirt, hmmmm...not so sure about.

    But then, you could carry off anything, I know.

    That blazer you're wearing, however...I love it!!!

  3. Why are you even second guessing yourself? I say yes to all the items mentioned and I don’t think that you’ll get tired of it before you have worn it a dozen times however your friends might. If though you are questioning the purchase maybe you should evaluate why you are experiencing anxiety about it. The right decision never includes hesitation.

  4. Jason -- XOXOXO!

    ayem8y -- Oh, sweetie, I'm not second-guessing whether I'd look fabulous. I know I would. LOL. I'm second guessing the longevity and protracted value of it -- the shirt, honestly, more than the hat.

    The hat is obviously more expensive, but I could see myself wearing it all season, and for many more years. The shirt isn't exactly bank-breaking, but it's not Tar-Jay, either, and that $170 could go towards le chapeau.

    Dang this recession! Two years ago, I'd charge it all and never think twice!

  5. If it comes down to one or the other I say go for the hat...I love the hat. The shirt is cool but they kinda come and go for me but that hat would hang around my closet forever. Hope that helps don’t mean to add any pressure but did I tell you how much I like the hat? I can tell it would be happy on your little head. The shirt looks like it would be a tramp always wanting to go out to the disco and ending up at some other guys house and then on the other guy. That shirts a traitor I can tell.

    Gosh your clothes have such an active social life. Gotta run I hear my clothes rumbling and getting jealous.

  6. Love the hat, but that shirt is what C. Beaton would have called "a retina irritant".

  7. Darling you get that lovely hat.
    And I'll never have to feel bad about you paying for a little ole din-din again. I say get them all. $170 is pocket change.