Friday, December 17, 2010

Peel Her a Grape

And an eggplant. And some shrimp scampi. And throw some ranch dressing on it.


  1. "Is Elizabeth Taylor fat? Her favorite food is seconds."

    -Joan Rivers

  2. OMG! Screaming..... Love that caption. I remember Joan and her merciless jokes. "Liz Taylor is the only one who puts mayonnaise on an aspirin!" "Liz Taylor says 'Hurry!' to a microwave oven."

  3. Don't forget a couple cases of Chasens chili

  4. Damn you, you made me laugh out loud and I'm at WORK!

    Liz never looked good after 1980.

  5. It's as if, some women can get older and they still have sex appeal. Elizabeth Taylor--don't you find her sexy? I think she's fat. Ok, you don't think she's fat, I think she's fat. I say this with love, we're very close: she's a pig!

    Oh grow up, her thighs are going condo!

    I asked her what do you want on your hamburger, she said a hotdog!

    Mosquitos see her and scream "BUFFET!"

    I took her to McDonalds just to watch her eat and watch the numbers change.

    ...I could go on for days. From the ages of about 8-14, my mother played "What Becomes a Semi-Legend Most?" every night for me as I drifted off to sleep. I can do the entire routine from top to bottom--it's one of my most treasured skills.

    AND PLEASE, Liz had a great period of beauty again during the Fortensky years--Scaasi did some of his best work for her, which you can find in the new book "Scaasi: American Couturier," available now at your local book monger.

  6. LOVE THIS!! 1970s Liz is my fave.. I don't care what anyone says.


  7. Taylor had great beauty years in the 70s, 80s AND 90s. Weight and health issues were always a constant, however. She was still looking great in '93 but the first of the hip operations began the decline. the 1997 brain surgery was the real beginning of the end. I happen to love High 70s Liz--hot pants!