Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Darlings, please forgive our silence -- this massive snowstorm stranded us since Sunday in the middle of nowhere without a laptop, cel phone charger, fresh underwear or a toothbrush. In short, it's been three of the worst days we've ever had to muddle through. Now that we're finally back home, we're still tired, irritable, and plan on brushing our teeth at least 20 times per day for the next week. Therefore, we will likely not have any updates until the New Year. Thanks for your patience and understanding, and for all of your wit, wisdom and support in 2010!


  1. stranded yes, but with nick adams....
    ...lay back & enjoy darling.

  2. How hideous!!!!! Sorry to know that you were a part of that whole quagmire.... Welcome back home.

  3. As luck would have it, I'm having a sale on underwear at my place.

  4. Quelle terrible expérience... No fresh underswear, no toothbrush (needless to say no cell phone or laptop): look on the bright side, for 3 days, you lived in Le chateau de Versailles in 1762 (give or take a decade).

  5. You were stranded in trick's apartment in Elizabeth, New Jersey? And you say that in the day light he looked nothing like he did through the Martini glass in the dim light?

    How horrible!

    Whats that? Oh, no Todd! Not herculon on the sofa! Stained herculon? And it was thwe sofa bed that you awoke in? And the sheets were less than 200 thread count?

    How icky!

    Whats that? Oh, how horrid! My captcha for this post is "copoling" which is what I'm sure you were forced to do to pass the time.

  6. how awful a situation ! hope the new year will get you through better times...

  7. Good heavens! And yet, somehow I'm sure you've managed to look dashing even in such circumstances.

  8. Whatever you have to endure, I'm sure you'll endure it with panache.

    Do I hear a balalaika?


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